Add, modify, and/or remove header names here. This page stores all the header names that are manually mapped to the fields in OLM InvestorHub from your lead lists during the field mapping step on import. Header names will automatically be added to the corresponding fields on this page after every successful import.  

All future imports will automatically map the fields in your list when possible based on the header names entered here. This will allow for less manual mapping and faster imports. 

If there are multiple header names for one field, the system will map the header name that shows up first in your lead list. 

To add header names, enter information in the fields on the right, and click save. 

To delete header names, click the "X" in the box of the header name you want to remove, and click save. 

When a custom field name is changed, the header names will remain unchanged. When a custom field is cleared (deleted), the custom header names for the field will be deleted as well.