Fulfillment Presets allow you to save your commonly ordered products and services to make future checkout faster.

Saving a Preset

Once you have made all your selection for a particular fulfillment product/service, When placing an order, check the Save as Preset option. This will add an input field. Click in the field and input a meaningful preset name that relates to the type of fulfillment based on your selections.  

After placing an order, all selections and attachments from the order will be saved under your preset name. The saved preset will not save the leads, however. This allows you to use the preset for any grouping of leads. Saved presets are found on the top right of the fulfillment page in the Saved Preset dropdown. Click the dropdown to view your presets. 

Selecting a preset will display the preset details. The number of leads you selected and the total cost can be found at the bottom of the list. 

Placing a Preset Order

To place an order, click the desired preset name under the Saved Preset dropdown. The Quantity, Cost, and Total Amount fields will update based on the number of leads you selected. Once you have reviewed the details, click the Order button at the bottom of the popup. Then enter your credit card information and then click Pay. After your order has been submitted, you will receive the following popup. Click Ok to return to the last page you were on (either the Leads page or the Marketing Campaigns page).

Deleting a Preset

To delete a preset, navigate to the Fulfillment page and click the Saved Preset dropdown. Click the Trash icon next to the preset you want to delete. A prompt will ask if you want to delete the preset. Click the Yes, delete it! button to delete the preset.