The Homeowner Skip Trace service is used to identify the name, mailing address, and up to 5 phone numbers and 3 emailing addresses for your leads. This service is perfect for your driving for dollar leads where you only have a property address.


A full property address for each lead is required for this service to work properly. This service will not work for company or trust-owned properties. 

Field Description

Remove Leads Previously Scrubbed Within: Remove leads that were previously run through the Homeowner Skip Trace in the time period specified. For instance, if part of your list was already run through this service a month ago, select 1 month. The system will remove those leads from the scrub list and reduce the quantity so you are not paying to have the same leads scrubbed twice. 

Override Existing Mailing address: Select this if you want existing mailing addresses to be overridden.

Override Existing Phone numbers: Select this if you want existing phone numbers to be overridden.

Override Existing Emails: Select this if you want existing email addresses to be overridden.

Override Existing Name: Select this if you want existing names to be overridden.

Quantity: Displays the number of leads selected.

Cost: Displays the cost per lead.

Total Cost: Displays the total cost of the order.

Placing an Order

To place your order, click the Order button, enter your credit card information and then click Pay. After your order has been submitted, you will receive the following popup. Click Ok to return to the last page you were on (either the Leads page or the Marketing Campaigns page).

What happens when you order?

The system will use the property address to search for names, mailing addresses, and up to 5 phone numbers, and 3 emailing addresses for your leads. If no information is found, no change will occur. 

If information is found, the system will do the following depending on the overwrite options selected:

  1. Add the first and last name and the most current mailing address If overwrite existing name is selected. Otherwise, system will add name if name fields are blank. 
  2. Review all phone numbers and divide them between mobile and landlines, then:
  3. Pull the most recently active mobile phone number and either: enter it in the Mobile Phone 1 field, or if there is already a value in that field and you did not select overwrite existing phone numbers, it will attempt to enter it in Mobile Phone 2 field. If Mobile Phone 2 has a value in it, the system will move on to Mobile Field 3.
    • The system will continue to enter mobile and landline phone numbers in this manner until all phone numbers have been exhausted, or if you run out of fields.
  4. the same process will occur for email addresses.