Q: My import has been stuck at 0% for a while OR my import is not working.

A: Your list may not be formatted properly. Common reasons for failed imports are due to bad formatting, special characters, and formulas instead of values. If you need assistance, please use our support chat or create a ticket on Freshdesk.

Q: Why are some leads from my list being skipped on import?

A: Blank rows and duplicate property addresses are common reasons why records are skipped. The system is designed to automatically remove duplicate records on import.

Q: Can I update a list and add additional fields to my leads after importing?

A: Yes, you can do so by re-uploading your file and selecting the ‘Only add additional information to existing leads’ option on the import details page. 


Q: How do I delete ALL of the leads in my system?

A: Select all of your leads and click delete. Then confirm by clicking “Yes, delete it!” Note, this will not delete the leads in removed leads. Repeat the process on the removed leads page to delete all removed leads. 

Q: How do I delete a list I just imported?

A: This will depend on what you are planning to do.

  • If you only need to update or edit the list before re-uploading, there is no need to delete. If you do not have another list already imported with the same leads, simply re-import the same list and select the ‘Overwrite all information on existing leads’ option on the import details page. If you do have a list already imported with the same leads, select the ‘Only add additional information’ option on the import details page. 

  • If you are not going to be reimporting this list and the list has leads that are on another list in your system, you will need to create a filter to select the leads that only appear on the list you are removing. Below is an example of the filter you should use to avoid removing leads from other lists. 


Q:  Where can I upload my logo/custom design when placing my direct mail order on OLM InvestorHub

A: If you have a logo that is already on file, select the ‘Design that is already on file’ option and reference your previous order with the design you used before. Otherwise, email your logo and design to

Q: If I only have a property address for my leads and no mailing address, can I order direct mail and use the property address as the mailing address?

A: No, you will need to re-import your list with the property address in the mailing address fields (Mailing Address, Mailing City, Mailing State, and Mailing Zip).  On the import details page, select “Only add additional information to existing leads” under Update Lead Info and the mailing address will be added to your leads. Its always best practice to have as much information as possible for your leads. Some of the services in OLM InvestorHub require a mailing address. 


Q: When is the next OLM InvestorHub monthly meeting? 

A: OLM InvestorHub meetings are held once or twice a month with the exact date/time and zoom link announced one week in advance at the top of most OLM InvestorHub pages