March 17, 2020

Direct Mail Fulfillment Changes

The system will now remove leads with undeliverable mailing addresses automatically when placing your order. The number of undeliverables removed will display above the quantity field when placing a direct mail order.

You can now pay a flat fee direct mail orders if you have under the minimum quantity for postcards (500) and letters (200).

January 13, 2020

General updates

  • Mailing Date Option - Added a mailing date option for direct mail fulfillment.   

December 9, 2020

Multiple Property Owner Tag Logic Change 

The system will now automatically check to see if a lead has a duplicate mailing address and add or remove the multiple property tag accordingly when the mailing address is manually changed. 

General updates

  • Sold Home Fulfillment - Removed the Scrub All option from the Remove Homes Sold Within field.

December 7, 2020

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is staying safe. This year has gone by so fast. 

General updates

  • Marketing Campaign Popup - Added popup when multiple marketing activities are selected. 
  • Skipped Records Naming - Changed "Incomplete Records" to "Incomplete Prop Address"
  • Marketing Campaign Status - Added "Refunded" status to marketing campaigns. 
  • New Tri-Fold Style Option - Added Flyer Style option to Tri-Fold flyers product. 

November 16, 2020

Import Skipped Record Breakdown + Added to Super Leads Column 

The skipped records column now shows a breakdown based on the reason a record was skipped. 

  • Blank rows = Total number of blank rows in imported lead list.
  • Incomplete Records = Total number of records missing property information in imported list
  • Duplicate Records = Total number of leads that are already in the system or appear on the imported list more than once if not a mixed lead list.  

New column called  Added to Super Leads. This will display the total number of records that were either in your database or found on the absentee and/or vacancy check during import that changed the lead to a super lead or added existing super leads to another list.

Previous imports will still show the old skipped record formatting with the total number of skipped records combined. Skipped reason for old imports can be found by downloading the skipped record file and looking at the skipped reason column.

General updates

  • Marketing Batch Export file name change - Export files from marketing batches now export with the batch name and marketing date in the file name if a custom export name is not used. ex. High_Quality_List-12-16-2020-1605536250.csv
  • Matched % Formatting - The matched % for fulfillment now displays up to the hundredth of a percent to provide an accurate percentage. ex. 99.98%, 78.98%, 14.00%
  • Tags Page - Removed the checkbox next to the multiple property owner tag since it is system generated.  

Bug Fixes

  • Tags Page Delete Button Fix - Delete button is now selectable after cancelling a delete. 
  • List Chart Fix - Using a comma for a lead list type caused the list chart on the dashboard to display incorrect totals for each lead list type. System will now show correct amounts.

October 27, 2020

Happy Halloween! We've been hard at work making big changes to the system to ensure there are no tricks only treats.

Premium Plan Direct Mail Postcard Pricing Change

Premium plan tiered pricing lowered for direct mail postcard fulfillment. Pricing changes below.

REFF Plan Direct Mail Pricing Change

REFF plan now has lowered tiered pricing for direct mail fulfillment. New pricing below. 

Super lead Dashboard Breakdown 

Super lead section on the dashboard now shows a breakdown of how many lead list types super leads have from 2-5+ lists. The blue numbers link directly to the leads page displaying the super leads corresponding to the number of lead lists types they have. 

Add to Batch Flow Optimization 

Found adding leads to a batch with selected leads already in a batch was confusing many users on how to proceed. System will now prompt user showing how many selected leads are in batches already. Selecting "Yes" will add selected leads not in a batch to the desired batch(es) and make no change to the leads already in batches.

General updates

  • ListSource Access Link - Changed wording of link on account menu from "Request ListSource Access" to "ListSource Access" 

Bug Fixes

  • Vacancy Field Fix - Vacancy field now works in sync with the vacant lead list type. Manually removing vacant lead list type from a lead will update the vacancy field. 

October 16, 2020

Premium Plan Direct Mail Pricing Change

Premium plan now has lowered tiered pricing for direct mail fulfillment. New pricing below. 

General updates

  • Sold Home Fulfillment Change - Sold home fulfillment will now check if the sale price of property is $1,000 or less. If sale amount is $1,000 or less, lead status will not change to sold home and remain in active status. This is because properties sold for $1,000 or less are transfers between family members most commonly.   
  • More Leads Visible Per Page - Leads pages can now show 250 leads per page.  
  • ListSource Access Link - Added a Request ListSource Link to the account menu for Premium plan users. This allows users to request ListSource access without going through the fulfillment page. 

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate Batch Total Fix - Marketing batches now show the correct amount for the total leads in a batch. 

October 6, 2020

Select Range

Added new option called Select Range on the leads page. This allows for a specific number of leads to be selected. 

Please note that the selected range will always begin from the first lead on the first page. 

General updates

  • Field/Filter Removed - Removed the skip trace date field and filter. 

Bug Fixes

  • Export File Name Fix - Field headings will now use actual custom field names. Dates are now standardized to MM/DD/YY format.
  • Lead List Details Issue - Creating a lead list type on the lead list details page will no longer require a page refresh to use the left navigation bar. 

September 23, 2020

Custom Field Types

Added dropdown on custom fields page that allows you to choose a field type based on the data used for a custom field. Filters for each custom field will change based on the type selected. The three options for custom field type are Text, Number, and Date.  

Text Custom Field Type: Used for custom fields that contain text. Uses default filter. 

Number Custom Field Type: Used for custom fields that contain numbers. Uses number filter. 

Date Custom Field Type: Used for custom fields that contain dates. Uses date filter.

Marketing Campaign Changes

Added ability to select, edit and fulfill multiple marketing campaign activities from different batches at once. This allows you to combine activities from different batches to order the same type of fulfillment. 

Added marketing campaign activity status log that shows the status and date for all new orders fulfilled on the marketing campaigns page. 

The status log button next to the activity status will appear after placing an order.

New Skip Trace Fields and Filters

Added two new skip trace fields and filters. 

The Skip Trace field shows if a lead has been run through a skip trace in the system anytime after 9/18/2020. The Skip Trace filter will find leads based on the value of the field. 

The following values will display in the Skip Trace field: 

  • Yes = System ran lead and returned results
  • No = System ran lead but returned no results
  • Blank = System has not run lead through skip trace

The Skip Trace Date field will show the date a lead was skip traced anytime after 9/18/2020. The Skip Trace Date filter will find leads based on the date. 

General updates

  • Vacant Lead List Type- Changed Vacant lead list type quality to high by default.
  • New Filter - Added Last status change date filter to find leads based on the status change date.  

September 14, 2020

New Mapping Settings - Custom Header Names

Added new settings page called Custom Header Names. This page stores all the header names that are manually mapped from your lead lists during import. Header names will automatically be added to the corresponding fields on this page after every successful import.  Header names can also be manually entered here as well. 

The system will automatically map fields on future imports based on the header names entered here. This will allow for less manual mapping and faster imports. 

General updates

  • Validated Address Filter - Changed values from Valid/Invalid to Yes/No. 
  • Update Lead Info - Added more information on the tool tip for this field on the import details page.  
  • Import popup additions - Added bullet point about undeliverable check processes that occurs during import. 

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile Phone Filter - Filter now selects the correct number of leads when is blank and isn't blank operators are used. 

August 28, 2020

General updates

  • Lead already in batch error - Added a tooltip when leads cannot be added to batches when selected leads are already in a batch.
  • Mapping field changes - Changed Property Address 2 to Property Suite/Apt (Optional)  & Mailing Address 2 to Mailing Suite/Apt (Optional).

August 25, 2020

Undeliverable Check

Added new undeliverable check automation on import. The system will run the mailing addresses against the USPS database to identify if the address is mailable or not. If it is mailable, the system will record Yes in the Validated Address field within the lead. If it is not mailable, the system will record No in the Validated Address field.

Undeliverable Data fulfillment is now free and has no minimum order limit so you can check for undeliverables for the leads already in your system. This fulfillment will no longer move undeliverable leads to the removed leads page. 

Skip Tracing Fulfillment Changes

The Homeowner skip trace is now the only skip trace fulfillment product. New overwrite options on the homeowner skip trace allow existing data to be overwritten if checked. If options are unchecked, additional information will be added if a field is blank.  

Additional options added to the Homeowner skip trace:

  • Override Existing Mailing address
  • Override Existing Phone numbers
  • Override Existing Emails
  • Override Existing Name

The following skip trace products have been removed:

  • Phone & Email Append
  • Update Undeliverable Addresses

Search + Filters Changes

Search bar can now search for columns that are hidden from view on leads pages. 

Condensed the Mobile Phone, Landline Phone and Email filters into the following three filters:

  • Mobile Phone: Able to filter any phone numbers in fields Mobile Phone 1-3.
  • Landline Phone: Able to filter any phone numbers in fields Landline Phone 1-2.
  • Email: Able to filter any email addresses in fields Email 1-3.

General updates

  • Redundant naming - Changed List -> Remove lead to to List -> Remove from List. 
  • New navigation - Added page navigation to the bottom right of leads pages. 
  • Tab + Enter key functionality - Tab key can now navigate through forms and enter key can execute actions. For drop downs, the space bar will select an option. 
  • News link- Added Whats New section to the account menu. Clicking the link will bring you to this article. 
  • Export/Import file naming - Exports will now use the name you entered for the export name. Import downloads will also use the list name for the file name. 
  • Removed Leads page button change - Changed button on removed leads page from Update Undeliverable Addresses to Homeowner Skip Trace.
  • Preset order - Presets will now display in alphabetical order on the fulfillment page.  

Bug fixes

  • Payment issue - Fixed an issue that was preventing Stripe payments from going through. 
  • Filter ajax error - Resolved issue that prevented the marketing Batch filter from working.

August 17, 2020

Marketing Campaigns - Enhancement

The status of your marketing campaign order will now update in real time with our back-end order statuses. You can see exactly what status your order is from placing your order to mailing. 

Additional automatic statuses added to marketing campaign activities: 

  • On Hold 
  • Order Placed 
  • Proof Needed
  • Waiting on Files
  • Proof Sent
  • In Production 

Bug fixes

  • CC fix - System will no longer use only default CC when placing order. 
  • Preset error popup - Fulfillment presets now check if leads have return information before letting order go through when both return information fields are checked.
  • Filter change - Filters will no longer show lead list types that are not on leads in your system. 

July 10, 2020

General updates

  • New postcard price tier - Added tier pricing for direct mail and lower volume requirements for postcards to 500 for Premium plan.

Bug fixes

  • Filters - When all leads in a particular list are deleted, the List Name will not be visible in the list name filter dropdown.

July 3, 2020

Import Mapping - Enhancement

Changed the functionality of field mapping from drag and drop to dropdown menus. 

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard list chart changes - Added the lead quality color to the associated lead list types in the List Chart.

June 26, 2020

General updates

  • Manage Tags page changes - Added checkboxes next to tags to allow multi-delete functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Display Fix - scroll bar displays to the left menu when the list extends beyond the length of the screen.