The Lead List service is used to obtain additional leads directly from within system. Choose from Absentee, Equity, Tax Lien, and Vacant lead lists. Please note that you must order a minimum of 250 leads for each of these lead list services. 

Field Description 

State: Start typing a state name until it appears in the drop down or scroll through the list to select the desired state. Note that only one state can be selected at a time. 

Cities: Scroll through the list to select the desired City. Click the > button to add. Click the < button to remove it from the list.

The filter section will narrow down property specifications. 

Bathrooms: Enter the desired range for the number of bathrooms. These values should be whole numbers.

Bedrooms: Enter the desired range for the number of bedrooms. These values should be whole numbers.

Bldg/Living Area: Enter the desired range of living area in the building (whole numbers, no commas - i.e., "1000" - "3500")

Equity %: Enter the desired range of equity that a homeowner has in the property (whole numbers - i.e., "50" - "100")

Initial Tax Delinquent Year: Enter the desired range of years when the homeowner was first delinquent on their property taxes. (i.e., "2018" - "2020")

Length of Residence (greater than X years): Enter the desired minimum number of years of ownership (whole number - i.e., "5")

Owner Occupied Status: Select the desired owner-occupied status. Options include: No Preference, Owner Occupied, or Absentee Owned. 

Property Type: Select the desired property types from the dropdown

Total Assessed Value: Enter the desired range of property assessment (whole numbers, no commas - i.e., "200000" - "400000")

Year Built: Enter the desired range of when the property was built (i.e., "1940" - "1985")

Click the Search Properties button at the bottom of the form. The system will then search based on the criteria entered and display the result below. 

Quantity: Displays the number of leads that were found in the search based on your criteria.

Cost: Displays the cost per record.

Total Cost: Displays the total calculated cost based on the quantity and cost per record. 

You may now go back and make adjustments to the criteria to increase or reduce the quantity of found leads if necessary.

Placing an Order

Click the Order button, enter credit card information and then click Pay. After your order has been submitted, you will receive the following popup. Click Ok to be returned to the page you started from (either the Leads page or the Marketing Campaigns page).

What happens when you order? 

The following actions will be taken on the new leads as they begin to import into the system:

  • Address validation, correction, and standardization
  • Vacant property check
  • Absentee check
  • Deduplication check
  • Multi-Property owner check
  • Super Lead identification

To learn more about these actions, refer to the Automated Actions During Import article.