Marketing Rounds divide your marketing activities throughout a marketing cycle. Most investors will assign one Round to each month or quarter. For example:

  • Monthly: Round 1 - May 2020 | Round 2 - June 2020 | Round 3 - July 2020
  • Quarterly: Round 1 - Q1 2020 | Round 2 - Q2 2020 | Round 3 - Q3 2020

There is no limit to the number of rounds you can have in your system. 

In this article we will discuss the following:

  1. Creating a Round
  2. Renaming or Deleting a Round

1. Creating a Round

By default, Round 1 is already created in the system. 

To create a new Round, click the Add Round button on the Marketing Campaigns page.

The Add Marketing Round popup will display. Enter a name for your Round (i.e. July 2020, 7/1/20-9/30/20, Q3 2020, etc) into the Date Range field and select one of the options below:

  • Create a blank new round: this will create a new round with new marketing activities populated.
  • Create a new round and copy all marketing activities: this will create a new round and will copy marketing activities from the previous round.

When done, click Save.

Click the Marketing Round dropdown in the top right corner and select your newly created Round to view it.

2. Renaming or Deleting a Round

To rename or delete a Round, click the pencil icon next to the Round Name. 

To rename the Round, edit the Date Range field. When done, click Save.

To delete the Round, click the Delete Round button.

A popup will appear to confirm the deletion. Click Yes, delete it!