Each lead has a Details and History page which provides extensive information about the lead. Custom fields can be created to track even more information. Refer to the Custom Fields article to learn more.

To view the lead's details and history, click on the Property Address (in blue font) or click the Eye icon to the right of the lead, under the Action column.

Details Page

The Details page will display the lead's fields. Most fields can be modified by clicking Edit. There are several fields that are unable to be edited from the Details page as you can edit them elsewhere (List Type & Tags) or they are values from Fulfillment services (Litigator, DNC Sold Date, etc.).

Zip Code Automation: When manually changing a property or mailing address you will only need to update the address, city, and state. The system will automatically update the address with the appropriate zip code.


Number of Marketing Activities: Displays the number of times you have marketed to the lead and will move in lockstep with the number of Marketing Activities in the Marketing History section.

Validated Address: Shows whether the mailing address is valid or not. OLM InvestorHub validates address after the following actions:

  • Importing a Lead List 
  • Importing an Update Undeliverables lead list
  • Importing a Removal List
  • Update Undeliverable Address fulfillment 
  • Update Undeliverable Data fulfillment

Vacancy: During import and on a monthly basis, the system will check all property addresses to identify if they are vacant. If so, the system will put a Yes in this field. Otherwise, it will display No. Manually adding or removing vacant lead list type will update this field with a Yes or No respectively.

Skip Trace Data Found: Shows if a lead has been run through a skip trace within OLM InvestorHub and if new data was obtained. If new data was found, the system will put a Yes in this field. Otherwise, it will display a No

DNC: This field will remain blank unless you run it through the DNC Scrub service. To learn more, refer to the DNC Scrub article

Litigator: This field will remain blank unless you run it through the Litigator's List Scrub service. To learn more, refer to the Litigator's List Scrub article.

Sold Date: This field will remain blank unless you run it through the Sold Homes Data service. To learn more, refer to the Sold Home Data article.

Custom Fields will be shown below Agent Phone Number.

Click the Save button to save your edits. 

History Page

The History page will display all historical data for the lead. 

List History: Displays all the Lead List Types that the lead appears on. The date of import will also be displayed.

Status History: Displays the status history for a lead and the date the status was changed. Status changes can occur manually or automated through the following actions:

  • Importing an Update Undeliverables list
  • Importing a Removal List
  • Update Undeliverable Address service (through the Fulfillment page) 
  • Update Undeliverable Data service (through the Fulfillment page) 
  • Sold Home Data service (through the Fulfillment page) 

Address History: Displays previously used mailing addresses. When the system is provided with a new mailing address (when using the Update Undeliverable list import and the Update Undeliverables service in the Fulfillment page), the old mailing address is pushed into the Address History section.

Marketing History: shows all marketing activities associated with a lead. 

  • Type: The type of marketing activity that was sent to the leads.
  • Round, Batch: The round that the marketing activity was part of, along with the name of the batch.
  • Date: The start date of the marketing activity.
  • Status: The current status of the marketing activity. Here is a list of status:
    • Pending: the marketing activity is scheduled on a future date
    • Delayed: the marketing activity was scheduled for a past date and has not yet been sent.
    • Completed: the marketing activity has been sent.
    • Exported: the lead was exported to fulfill marketing outside of the system.