The Litigator's List Scrub will attempt to identify potential litigators who could sue you for solicitation. The system pulls past litigators along with potential litigators as provided by law firms and other organizations. The individuals on this list may NOT be on the DNC list, as they may want you to call them so they can attempt to sue you.

Field Description

Remove Leads Previously Scrubbed Within: Remove leads that were previously run through the Litigator's List Scrub in the time period specified. For instance, if part of your list was already run through this service a month ago, select 1 month. The system will remove those leads from the scrub list and reduce the quantity so you are not paying to have the same leads scrubbed twice.

Quantity: Displays the number of phone numbers that are being scrubbed, not the number of leads. Leads can have up to five phone numbers.

Cost: Displays the cost per phone number.

Total Cost: Displays the total cost of your order.

Placing an Order

To place your order, click the Order button, enter your credit card information and then click Pay. After your order has been submitted, you will receive the following popup. Click Ok to return to the last page you were on (either the Leads page or the Marketing Campaigns page).

What happens when you order?

The system will review each phone number for each lead to find if any are on the Litigator's List. If 1 or more phone numbers are found, the system will record Yes in the Litigator field within the lead. Likewise, if no phone numbers are found, the system will record No in the Litigator field.