The Sold Home Data service is used to remove properties that have recently sold from your Leads database. The system checks all MLS data as well as public records data. The data is as current as the local municipals enter their data into the public records system. This is a huge money saver to avoid spending time and money on sold properties.

The system will check to see if the sale price of a property is $1,000 or less. If the sale amount of a property is $1,000 or less, the lead status will not change to sold home and remain as active. This is because properties sold for less than $1,000 are most commonly transferred between family members.

A full property address for each lead is required for this service to work properly.

Field Description

Remove Homes Sold Within: Indicate how far back you want to check when a property sold.

Remove Leads Previously Scrubbed Within: Remove leads that were previously run through the Sold Home Data in the time period specified. For instance, if part of your list was already run through this service a month ago, select 1 month. The system will remove those leads from the scrub list and reduce the quantity so you are not paying to have the same leads scrubbed twice.

Quantity: Displays the number of leads that you selected.

Cost: Displays the cost per lead.

Total Cost: Displays the total cost of your order.

Placing an Order

To place your order, click the Order button, enter your credit card information and then click Pay. After your order has been submitted, you will receive the following popup. Click Ok to return to the last page you were on (either the Leads page or the Marketing Campaigns page).

What happens when you order?

The system will run the property addresses against the sold home records database to identify if the property was sold within the specified period of time that you selected. If the property was not sold, no change will occur. If the property was sold, the system will record the date of the sale in the Sold Date field within the lead, change the lead's status to Sold House, and move it to the Removed Leads page.