A Marketing Batch is a group of leads you intend to market to in the same way. To batch your leads by List Quality for example, create one marketing batch for high quality leads, another for medium quality, and a third batch for low quality. You may then apply a different marketing campaign to each Marketing Batch. It is important to note that a lead can only be on one Marketing Batch at a time. 


In this article we will discuss the following:

  1. Creating a Batch
  2. Removing a Lead from a Batch
  3. Modifying a Batch
  4. Deleting a Batch

1. Creating a Batch

To create a batch, select the leads from the Leads page. Click the Marketing button and then Add to Batch.

In the popup, type in a new Batch Name or select an existing Batch Name from the dropdown. 

To split leads into multiple batches, click the checkbox next to Split Leads into multiple Batches and enter the number of batches in the field to the right. Additional Batch Name fields will populate for you to create or select additional names. Each Batch Name must be different. The selected leads will be divided equally based on the number of batches. Splitting leads into multiple batches is helpful when you don't want to market to all the leads in the group at once. 

For example, if you have 3,000 high quality leads but only want to send marketing to 1,000 leads at a time, you would split these leads into 3 batches and call them High Quality List 1, High Quality List 2, and High Quality List 3. 

When done, click Save.

Once you have created a Marketing Batch, go to the Marketing Campaigns page to view it. The Batch Name along with the number of Current Leads will display under the Batch Name column. The Current Leads is the number of leads that are in your Leads page (not including those in your Removed Leads page). 

IMPORTANT: Current Leads is a real-time indicator of your Active leads. If you move leads from your Leads page into your Removed Leads page, this number will decrease. Likewise, if you add leads back to your Leads page from your Removed Leads page, the number will increase.

Clicking Current Leads will take you to the Leads page displaying the leads in the selected batch.

2. Removing a Lead from a Batch

To remove leads from a Batch, select the leads on the Leads page. Click the Marketing button and Remove from Batch. Once the popup appears, select the Batch Name from the dropdown and click Save.

3. Modifying a Batch

To rename a Batch, go to the Marketing Campaigns page and click the pencil icon under the Action column. Enter the new Batch Name and click Save.

To reorganize batches in your list, click the gray button to the right of the Batch and drag it up or down to its desired location.

4. Deleting a Batch

To delete a Batch, go to the Marketing Campaigns page and click the trash icon under the Action column. A popup will display asking to confirm that you want the batch deleted. There is also a checkbox to delete the Batch from all Rounds. If you check the box, the Batch will be deleted completely from the system. If you don't check the box, the Batch will only be deleted from the current Round. To learn more about Rounds, refer to the Marketing Round article.