The Fulfillment History pages provide a historical log of all products and services purchased through the Fulfillment page. 

Import History

When an order is placed through the Fulfillment page, a new row will be created on the Fulfillment History page. The Order Date, Type, Product Name, Total Records, Cost, and Last Four Digits of cc will be populate immediately and the status will show as Processing. Once the import has been completed and depending on the fulfillment type, the Matched records and Matched % will display, and the status will change to Completed. If the status changes to Failed, contact Customer Support. 

Total Records: The meaning of this field will vary depending on the product/service purchased:

  • Direct Mail & Sold Houses: Total Records is the number of leads.
  • Skip Tracing & Compliance: Total Records is the number of phone numbers.

Matched Records and Matched % are only used for the following services: Skip Tracing, Data Cleansing, and Compliance.

To view a receipt for an order, clicking the Receipt icon under the Action column. When clicked, a receipt will display similar to the one below.

Download an order's output file by clicking the Download button under the Action column. The excel file will display all fulfilled leads with their updated information. To learn how each type of fulfillment updates leads, refer to Fulfillment.