The Removed Leads page is a subdatabase. This is where removed leads, or leads that you do not want to market to are stored. Such leads include undeliverables, do not contact, sold homes, and leads that you are currently working on.

The Removed Leads page has all the functionality of the Leads page with a few exceptions. 

Status: Similar to the Remove from List button on the Leads page, you can change the status of a lead or multiple leads by clicking on the Status button and selecting an option from the dropdown. When Add Back to Lead List is selected, the lead(s) will be moved back the Leads page. When a lead is moved back to the Leads page and it is associated with a Marketing Batch, it will be added back to all marketing activities in a Pending or Delayed status. To learn more, refer to the Marketing Campaigns article.

Homeowner Skip Trace: Easily skip trace undeliverables or returned mail directly from this page. To do so, select the lead(s) by checking the box next to them or by creating a filter. A simple filter to find all of your undeliverables can be seen below. Once these leads have been selected, click the Homeowner Skip Trace  button. Please note that you will need at least 50 selected leads for this service. To learn more, refer to the Homeowner Skip Trace article.

Homeowner Skip Trace Automation: If new address information is found for the mailing address of a removed lead, the lead status will be changed to active status automatically when the skip trace is completed. The lead will move to the leads page and be added to any active marketing batches if previously assigned to a marketing batch.