Filters and Markets are a way to identify leads that have characteristics in common with each other. Filters are used for general characteristics, while Markets are used specifically for location-based characteristics.

The following sections can be found in this article:

  1. Filter Overview
  2. Creating a Filter
  3. Saving a Filter or Market
  4. Recalling a Filter or Market
  5. Deleting a Filter or Market

1. Filter Overview

Filters are comprised various Conditions. Conditions are then comprised of the following information:

  • Filter By: The field that you want to find properties based on.
  • Operator: The criteria that must be met. The operator will adjust based on the field you are using in a condition and disappear when certain fields are selected like Vacancy. Here is an example of some of the operators: 

Is = the field only contains the Value
Is not = the field does not contain the specific Value
Contains = the field contains one or more of the Values
Doesn't contain = the field does not contain one or more of the Values

  • Value(s): the specific values that you are looking for in the leads field. You can have multiple values by separating them with a comma (i.e., Smith, McKenzie). Values will appear and change depending on the filter selected and may disappear if some operators are selected like "Is blank" or "Isn't blank".

2. Creating a Filter

To create a filter, click the Filter button.

When the Filter dropdown appears, select the filter, operator, and value desired. 

To add additional conditions, click the Add And/Or Condition button. Use an AND condition if you would like the leads to meet 2 or more conditions. Use an OR condition if you would like leads to meet at least one condition. You can switch between the two condition types by clicking on AND/OR

Delete a condition by clicking the trash button above the condition.

Here are some examples of filters:

  • To identify your high-quality leads

  • To identify leads that are on more than 3 different lead list types

  • To identify leads with a property address in the towns, Andover and Methuen AND have been marketed to more than 2 times.

Once you have created your condition(s), click Search to display the leads that meet your criteria.

3. Saving a Filter or Market

Once you have created your condition(s), click Save. This will display the Save Filter/Market menu.

To save a Filter, enter a name for the Filter and then click Save.

To save a Market, click the radio button next to Market, then enter a name for the Market and click Save.

If you already have a filter or market saved with the same name, a popup will ask you if you want to overwrite it. Click Yes, update it! to overwrite or Cancel to go back.

4. Recalling a Filter or Marketing

Recall a saved filter by clicking the Filter button and then clicking in the Saved Filters dropdown to select your saved filter.

Once selected, the filter view will minimize and the name of your saved filter will appear next to the Filter button. To clear the filter, click the X in the filter bubble. This will not delete your filter.

Recall a market by clicking the Market dropdown. 

To clear the market, click the X in the market bubble. This will not delete your market.

5. Deleting a Filter or Marketing

To delete a saved filter, click Filter, then select the filter that you want to delete from the Saved Filter dropdown. Then click the trash button above the Search Conditions section. 

To delete a saved market, select the market from the Market dropdown. Then click the trash button next to the dropdown menu.