Add, modify, and/or remove custom fields here. Custom fields are used to capture additional information for each lead. Examples of custom fields include square footage, beds, baths, assessed value, and notes.

Each custom field has a field type that can be changed corresponding to the data that the custom field contains. The filter for each custom field will change based on the type selected. The three options for custom field type are text, number, and date

Text Custom Field Type: Used for custom fields that contain text. This uses the default filter. 

Number Custom Field Type: Used for custom fields that contain numbers.  This uses the number filter.

Date Custom Field Type: Used for custom fields that contain dates. This uses the date filter.

The Basic Plan allows up to 5 custom fields, the Plus Plan allows up to 20 fields, and the Premium plan allows up to 25 fields. To upgrade your plan, visit your Subscriptions page on Open Letter Marketing's website, or click HERE. Click the View button next to your OLM InvestorHub subscription and then click Change Plan.

To edit your custom fields, enter information in the fields on the right, select a custom field type, and click Save.

When a custom field name is changed, the data within the leads will remain unchanged. When a custom field is cleared (deleted), the data within the leads will be hidden. The data will reappear once a name is re-entered back in the custom field.