Manage all of your Lead Lists on the Lead List Details page. The system has 17 pre-loaded Lead List Types that can be modified to suit any business' needs. New Lead List Types can also be created.

While list types may be created and modified as part of the Import List process or through the Leads page, this page will provide greater flexibility for list management.

This page displays all of the Lead List Types in the system.

Lead List Type: The lead list name. i.e, Absentee, Equity, Driving for dollars, Tax liens, etc.

Quality Ranking: The quality of the Lead List Type is based on a low, medium, or high ranking. Generally, higher quality lists would include ones that are more difficult to obtain or that you've found to convert the best (driving for dollars, tax liens, etc). Super Leads are defaulted to high quality and cannot be modified.

Last Updated: The date the list was last pulled, as specified during the import of the list. If no date was entered, the system will default to the import date. Super Leads are defaulted to System Generated and cannot be modified.

Update List Frequency: How often the lead list should be updated. The system has the capability to send reminders once this is set. For example, If the Last Updated date is 6/1/2020 and the Update List Frequency is set to 6 months, the system will send a notification if not updated before 12/1/2020. To learn more, refer to the Notifications article.

Return Name & Address: The return name and address for the Lead List Type. This is generally used for direct mail fulfillment. To learn more, refer to the Return Addresses article.

Return Phone Number: The return phone number for the Lead List Type. This is generally used for direct mail fulfillment. To learn more, refer to the Phone Number article.

Notes/Criteria: Save notes or the criteria on how the list was pulled in this field.

To create a new Lead List Type, click the Add Lead List Type button.

Enter a Lead List Name and select the options for each field. Refer to the tooltips for additional information. When done, click Save

To modify a Lead List Type, click the pencil icon to the right of the Lead List Type under the Action column.

Fields may be modified in this menu. To add a new Return Name & Address or Return Phone Number to the lead list, you will first need to create it by navigating to their respective pages under the Settings menu. When done, click Update.

To delete a Lead List Type, click the trash icon to the right of the phone number under the Action column. When the popup displays, click Yes, delete it. Deleting a Lead List Type will not delete leads from the system, rather the Lead List Type will be removed from all of its associated leads. Default Lead List Types cannot be deleted.